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Kotzolt Co. has been backed by the Alborz Industrial Group for more than 40 years and has been ranked first in the polymer industry in Iran. The range of products of the company includes four-compartment profiles with a size of 60 mm in 14 different molding panels, sliding doors, frame and frame of rebuilding.
Kotzolt is one of the pioneers in the profiling industry by providing the profile of Grid A and the heaviest profiles of Iran nowadays to meet the growing need of manufacturers and developers of this industry by having a team of manufacturing, marketing, technical support and development of a complete solution for It supports the needs of this industry.
Based on its long experience in the polymer industry, this industry group has planned to provide raw material and production activities in order to deliver the first-class product to a very good price. 0
Kotzolt Collection has design centers and domestic facilities for manufacturing machinery and manufacturing technology, research group, advanced machinery and good scientific space to enhance the quality of the stable.
The threat of global warming and the greenhouse conservation mission and the green nature of Kotzolt’s company have led to the policy of producing upvc profiles with a specific formula, and also the Kotzolt profile adapts to various weather patterns and long haul With certain additives in your profile ensures.

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Katzolt has grown 100% from the start of its operations every year and has reached a credible market in Iran. “It’s better to do better than to say goodbye,” and that’s what we have proven to each customer.
A key task at Katzolt’s team is to meet expectations for quality and stability. We agree with Katzolt with the ideal business ethics, scientific conduct, and honest work principles in all circumstances. Our goal is to continuously and continuously improve value for our customers. As the Alborz Industrial Group is one of the largest manufacturers in the polymer industry in Iran, Katzolt also plans to expand its production unit to the highest domestic production capacity in the next few years, considering its customers’ needs.

Our efforts have been steadily expanding the business of upvc extrusion, and this effort is continuing to make Katzolt the prime choice for all customers and manufacturers of this industry. We are always looking for new and emerging business opportunities in our products.

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