Equipment Technology

From the very beginning, Kotzolt Company has been able to gain a special place in the industry by utilizing its high technical knowledge and employing a highly trained and experienced humanist, as well as the use of the most up-to-date machinery for the manufacture and production of upvc profiles. The products of this company have the highest global standards in line with the technology of the day with the German brand Kotzolt, as well as equipment and machinery used in the production line of the latest and most advanced technology of this industry and is fully automatic.

The next step in producing upvc profiles is the extrusion and shaping process. This process involves the softening of the combined powder, the shaping of this plastic by special environments, cooling the final shape by calibrated molds, and bathing cold water and calibration tables.
Based on this, Kotzoltis working with the knowledge of the best manufacturer of this product and also the best extruders available to reduce the variable machine factors and achieve the best quality according to European standards.

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