Why Kotzolt

From the very beginning of its activities, Kotzolt has been able to give a clear account of its customers through the use of a competent and capable team of experts. The company, with its thorough study of the U.S. Pvc industry, has put its policies in place to optimize fuel efficiency and energy savings by producing all types of UVP profiles in line with the industry standards for manufacturing the types Doors and windows and promoting their use in the culture of people are trying to take a step towards reducing the consumption costs of the people.
The company, in the first step, has been providing high quality raw materials by reliable suppliers and according to the technical requirements of the industry’s reputable standards. It has been producing high-quality profiles and high quality upvc windows in accordance with international and domestic standards, which testify to the adoption of standards Valid
One of the competitive advantages of Kotzolt Profiles is the price, weight, quality, good selling conditions, fast loading, design software in the window and the same time when sending the first purchase part, a very shiny color and producing all kinds of 60 series profiles. Kotzolt is the heaviest profile currently in the country, hence the Profile Kotzolt is known as the most economical profile currently in Iran.
In addition to its high quality, competitively with the best profiles in the world, the UPVC Kotzolt profiles are available to manufacturers, business partners and consumers in terms of the variety of pop-up and slider systems, as well as the versatility of the product portfolio and color scheme. puts.
But achieving high quality is an issue, and maintaining and sustaining that is another issue. Solutions to survive in quality, keeping the market through innovation and continuous development in the industry, therefore, Kotzolt has placed this important in the second step.
Considering the importance of the production process in the window and the window of the UVC, the technical department of the company began to educate and inform the technical instructions and production and installation requirements of the windows and windows of the pvc to the co-workers and manufacturers who use the products of this company. In addition, it is determined by its ongoing monitoring to maximize customer satisfaction with the Kotzolt branded UPS windows and doors.
All stages of product development in this company are heavily controlled and any customer requests are reviewed by the sales and research and development team to ensure that every customer’s demands and expectations are met.

The advantages of using Ketsallet Profiles are :

• Sound insulation and temperature
• Fully waterproof
• Prevent the entry of dust and other environmental pollutants
• Anti-effects of termite and corrosion and decay
• energy saving
• Environmentally friendly and recyclable
• The ability to install various fittings
• Fire retardant and high durability
• Proper security
• Unique transparency and brilliance
• Replacing windows and rebuilding old windows
• Developed production

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